First dates do’s and don’ts


Ask her out directly. We might seem like captain obvious but you don’t want to be beating around the bush forever, so to speak.

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Listen as well as talk, be just as eager to learn about her as she is to learn about you.

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Talk about a variety of topics, nobody is judging you for having a conversation about Jurassic park instead of just talking about what’s going on in the gay scene, you are a strong, beautiful, multi-dimensional woman and that’s fine.

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Text her after the date if it went well, we all know how it feels to be worrying if you messed up on a date, if it was a great date let her know. Just don’t text her fifty times in a row single white female style.

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Take her somewhere where you know a bunch of people you know are going to be, she doesn’t need to meet you’re ex flings and flirty friends on the first date.

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Bring up the ex files. There’s nothing worse than being compared or feeling like you’re on a date with someone who can’t let things go.

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Reveal everything about yourself in the first 30 minutes, she doesn’t need to know about how many straight girls you have seduced in the past, leave something to the imagination!

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Bring up Biphobia or past straight girl crushes, they are painful and they may have led to Alex/Piper style disasters but keep it positive and as judgment free as possible.

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Tell all your friends afterwards or boast on social media, its no secret the lesbian world is fairly small when it comes to dating (see Alice’s “board” from the L word.) The best relationships are the ones with just the two people involved.

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