Is Age Just A Number?

I’ve started seeing a woman who is ten years old than me.

I am 27 and she is 37 and we met at a work function, so we have lots in common, but a few of my mates have commented at the age difference, and seem sceptical.

One of them takes the piss out of me by calling her granny instead of her name, while another said she had terrible struggles with age difference with someone much older when she was in her early twenties and she’ll never do it again.

Right now I really feel so far, so good with her and she doesn’t seem to be worried about the age difference either, because it hasn’t really come up or been a problem in any way.

But does age difference always have to be an issue?

In the past sometimes I have been the last one to really realize things, so I’d like to do better this time around, and if there’s a 100% a reason to be concerned, I’d like to know now!

Mostly I have felt that age is just a number…

Auntie W replies…

You are correct, Madam, on two counts.

Age is just a number and age difference does always have to be an issue.

Let me explain:

First, it’s true that age is just a number.
After all, we are already women having sex with other women – so why get mired down in the idea of age appropriateness?

You ought to well frolic where you like; that is, after all, the point of coming out, so that you may tangle panties as you wish. And, particularly if you are frolicking only, age really is just a number.

In other words, for a good time call any number above eighteen, and enjoy.

However, the second thing to remember is that yes, age difference is always – or at least should always – be an issue.

Like any differences that we may have with our lovers, age difference can represent different specific issues, and these range from differences that can impact your relationship in a playful way (what she wore in high school) to a serious way (her biological clock is ticking, and now) to just basic reference points – but none of these have to be inherently a problem.

But it is true that all of these things are worth taking into account if looking through the long-haul perspective, just so that you don’t wind up signing up to party every night while your lover is signing the mortgage.

At any rate, all of these issues (the ones that are not problems, as well as the ones that are) tend to rise to the surface over time in every relationship, and age is just another dimension.

But if you can acknowledge, enjoy and-or work through those differences, you’re in great shape, no matter what your (or her) age.

Lastly, just remember that the main goal is to be happy – so try not to worry yourself into a corner over what could go wrong and enjoy your older lady – hang in there for a few years, and you’ll have the perk of experiencing your age difference right through her sexual peak!

Love always

Auntie W

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