Ways To Get Over A Hangover

We all hate hangovers.  They suck, they make you waste a day and eat food you immediately regret or worse, don’t have the time or desire to eat after puking your guts up.  Surely there are ways to get over a hangover?? Coorect!

Drink a ton of water to avoid feeling like a slug after having salt thrown over it


If you can stomach it, fill your belly.  Pizza is great as those carbs soak up what’s left of that nasty booze


Sleep.  Sleep like you have never slept before


Get mad at anyone who refuses your right to sleep


And if you are really hardcore, try the hair of the dog treatment


And whatever you do, DON’T think about what you did when you were drunk.  It won’t help you recover thinking about that ten minutes you spent crying over some food you dropped after leaving the club :/


 Watch the kind of crappy TV you wouldn’t watch when you are sober, we don’t know how, but it helps!


Spend time with the friends you got drunk with and talk about why you keep making the same mistake so you can reevaluate your lives


And after the hangover has passed and the pain has gone, you know you’re going to find yourself in the same position in the near future. So smile!




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