Alternative Christmas gift ideas

Gift ideas 

Word boards- You can get these in all kinds of styles and shapes on sites like Not On The high street. It’s basically a framed picture of all the memories, places, jokes, interests you and your partner/friends/family share.

Personalised scarfs/hats- You can pretty much do this with any item of clothing you want but having initials or nicknames etched on the clothing just gives it that extra ‘awww’ factor.

Custom Portraits – Websites like Etsy offer a ton of custom portraits and drawings in all different styles, whether it’s cartoon like animation, digital art or just old fashioned sketches. They make for an original gift.

Disney with a twist – The new wave of disney princesses choosing each other over the princes is something to be celebrated and we love the lesbian princess clothing range. We also dig the grunge princesses too, Ariel with a septum piercing? Hello.

Lesbian Art – Ok we know it sounds awful but hear us out. Whether it’s classic prints with a custom edge, Pulp fiction inspired posters or your favourite movie quotes in art form, there are a ton of options when it comes to LGBT inspired artistic gifts.

Personalised Jewellery – If matching dog tags with anniversary dates on, jewellery inspired by someones favourite childhood crush or truly the most personal earrings we have seen is your partners thing, there are also a ton of ideas to choose from.

A Mixtape – It’s vintage, it’s cute AND it’s really cheap to do, not to mention meaningful. Here’s a link to a classic wiki-how to show you how it’s done if there is any confusion.

Things to do, see and places to visit 

Perhaps a weekend break to the city might be a welcome change from the usual Christmas shenanigans and work schedules. A city break in Paris (click here for some amazing reasons to visit) or New York because there’s nothing cuter than clumsy ice skating at the Rockefeller centre. If a quieter, warmer situation sounds more up your alley, perhaps a trip to the sunny Florida Keys to drive over open waters and dine on fresh seafood would be a great plan for you and your loved one.

Plan a trip to your local gallery/museum. It doesn’t have to be the Louvre or the MOMA (although we recommend both of these too.) Sometimes you might be surprised at how close a really interesting or romantic gallery is to your own living space. However if it’s the most loved you are after, click here for a list of top galleries in London and click here for the best worldwide.

Take a trip to the zoo. Sometimes people are put off by zoos because it’s somewhere you go as a child. Let us just say that if you agree with zoos, we can assure you that they are 100% cool for adults too. Animals are either hilarious to watch or adorable (save for the precious few who seem to do nothing but sleep) and either one of these things can lead to an interesting date. Either you and your date will laugh maniacally the entire time or bond over “awwwing” in unison.

Do the ‘tourist’ thing in your own town. It’s easy to ignore some of the remarkable things available to us under our noses. Sometimes it’s fun to join in with the tourists and check out what all the fuss is about. That’s right, I’m suggesting you do something you would have previously overlooked. Besides a lot of tourist attractions can be pretty romantic. Imagine looking out at the sights from the London eye, the Empire State building or the Eiffel tower at night? it’s like something from a romantic comedy.

Go to the Theatre. Theatre doesn’t have to mean big expensive shows in which characters break into song with every other step. The theatre isn’t just about big musicals, there are a lot of small-scale shows and plays you can see too. Whether it’s Shakespeare or a political satire starring your favourite actor. Check websites like Ticketmaster for up to the minute news on what’s happening across the UK.



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