Could You Forgive Your Partner For Cheating?

Now no one’s suggesting you be a doormat, but sometimes people make mistakes. Ultimately, whether you can forgive is a personal choice that nobody can make for you, but sometimes there are things of a general nature that are always worth considering.

1. It was a one night stand kind of deal. This isn’t always forgivable, obviously but sometimes people can make really big, really genuine mistakes and regret it instantly.

2. She admitted it. Don’t underestimate how much it took for her to own up. Yes you’re still the one who has to deal with the thunderbolt of pain, but give her credit for owning up. Does so suggests she feels she has disrespected you and wants to put that right.

3. Her apology feels heartfelt. OK granted, any decent person should feel guilty for cheating, it’s only natural. However you probably know when your partner is lying and when they are not and you probably also have a great understanding as to whether they mean something or they are acting a certain way to make you happy.

4. She shows remorse through her actions, rather than her words. Anyone can say sorry, several times but does she showing remorse through actions is what really gives you a sense of whether the apology is genuine. Whether that takes on the form of sticking around and not giving up on the relationship after hearing the first ‘no’ or showing you that she has changed and truly regrets doing you wrong. The point is, if she shows you she’s sorry in a way that feels really genuine, then she probably is genuinely remorseful.

5. She told you the details. Being honest about such a serious issue is a reflection of maturity, keeping some of the truth from you can also be a sign that she might not regret it as much as she could do. Telling you the whole truth about cheating shows that she respects you enough to be honest, and the truth is the first step towards possible forgiveness and understanding why it happened in the first place.

6. The fact it happened is maybe something you both need to address. Again, this isn’t always the case, sometimes people can just make a really stupid mistake in a perfectly healthy relationship. However sometimes, cheating can be a result of neglect from both people in the relationship. If both of you can see what might have led your partner to cheat, it can help you both with moving past it, if you want to.



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