How To Get The Girl, Or Girls

You know those women that seem to have no troubles getting girlfriends or dates at all? The ones who never seem to be alone or the ones that just seem to always have a following of women behind them desperate for their love and attention?

Do you ever wish you could be more like those women or at least learn their secrets? Well, not that we claim to be the Queen of lesbians, but there are a few characteristics of these popular women that seem to show up every time they make our hearts skip a beat and it’s time to share them with you.

1. Confidence.

Don’t mistake it with arrogance, arrogance is thinking they are God’s gift to women and often not knowing how to take no for an answer. Confidence is knowing they are a great human being (as we all should believe of ourselves) and having the courage to go and get something/someone they want.


2. Be happy with your dating situation.

Nobody wants a player and it doesn’t always have to be the case with one of these confident girls who always manages to get the girl. The difference between these women and others is that sometimes if you are sad about being single it can sometimes reflect in your personality. Sometimes it can be in the form of cynicism, other times it can be seen as clinginess.

Women who are happy with their situation but are also happy to meet someone who is appealing enough to change their single status tend to give out good vibes.

3. Be honest.

Some girls seem to think that you get further by lying to tell people what they want to hear, not true. Ever wonder why Shane’s character in the L word was so well loved despite sleeping with everyone? It’s because she would always be honest with the girls she slept with about what her plans and expectations were. Sure she sugar coated her words sometimes but she got more attention and respect because she was honest about her intentions.


4. Know what you want out of a relationship and don’t put up with silly games or lies.

It’s really tough when you like someone and they keep messing you around by telling you different things every week.

Those fairytale women we speak of, they very rarely put up with mind games and mixed signals. Part of their confidence is often knowing when a girl is potentially messing with them and not putting up with it. You deserve to be treated well and sometimes it’s important to realise when it’s time to move on.

5. Focus on positives.

Whether it’s choosing not to let cynicism get in the way of your love life too much, or focusing on all the good traits of your personality rather than the things you might perceive as weaknesses. Focus on your future/current love life rather than dwelling too much on the past is a good thing to do.




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