How To Know If You Have Found The Girl You Should Settle Down With

There’s a few telling signs that you may have just found the girl that you should settle down with where it wouldn’t be a total disaster zone….

1. You agree on the big issues. You don’t have to have everything in common – like some movies nowadays would have you believe! But when it comes to things like future goals, privacy issues and marriage/kids, if you agree on the big subjects, it’s a good sign.

2. You are confident of each other’s love for one another. A relationship doesn’t have to be all over social media for it to be a legitimately great one. As long as you both know that you can trust each other and love each other confidently, you have found someone special.

3. She makes you laugh and/or the conversation flows. OK granted, some prefer comfortable silences so if you get those, that’s good too. It’s great to find someone where creating conversation is never a chore and it’s even better if you both share the same sense of humour and find each other laughing often.

4. You don’t always have to be together 24/7. Again, to some, the idea of spending time with one another constantly is a good thing, and if that works for both people involved that’s great. However, for most, getting to the point in a relationship where you both have a sense of your own lives and spend time with not just each other but with friends and family, perhaps separately is a great milestone in a healthy relationship.

5. You are 100% your authentic selves around each other. With some relationships, you can often find yourself pretending to like some things you actually don’t or holding back on some of your interests for the sake of your partner. In a healthy relationship, you can be yourself around them without fear of upsetting them or worrying they might not like certain aspects of you. Or that you are comfortable enough that you would tell each other if something was really bugging you.



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