What’s In A Profile name?

Picking a dating profile name for your online dating profile can be an important, more important than you think, after all, along with a picture, it’s the first thing you notice about someone. So what’s important to remember when deciding your profile name?

Don’t choose anything vulgar. Even using terms like sexy, hot or cute in your name, it’s not always appealing to everyone.  People get it, you’re cute, but let the girl messaging you figure that out herself.

Choose something without too many numbers if your name is taken. Keep it as original as possible but keep it something people can make sense of.

Go with something that tells people about yourself. If you decide to have a profile name that isn’t some sort of variation of your own name, why not choose something that reflects a big part of your personality, whether it’s a hobbie or film reference? Think of something that reveals more about yourself.



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