Getting Over The Girl You Never Had

Admit it, you’ve been there. How could you not have been there if you’re a lesbian or bi falling in love with a girl who doesn’t love you back is pretty much a rite of passage. Unfortunately unrequited love is a feeling us gay girls often know all too well.

It hurts to be rejected, in any situation. And, no you weren’t mad – sometimes it really did feel like it was going to work out between you too. But at some point you finally resolve yourself to the fact that that longterm relationship she’s in with a man actually does mean something. So how do you get over something that never was? Well, you start by looking at it from a realistic perspective, it’s not a break up. And because it’s not a breakup you get to miss out on the messy aftermath of a break up. That means no horrible screaming arguments, no wardrobes dumped in bin bags and no custody battles over the cat. Ok it’s still horrible, nobody is taking that away from just how horrible it can be, but remember to consider that at least it’s less hassle getting over it.

What is meant to be, will be. If it hasn’t worked out, there’s a reason for it. She might not have been meant for you and besides, if someone is worth it and really likes you, they would make an effort. You deserve someone who makes an effort to show they want to be with you.

Stay away from her social media. Looking thorugh her holiday snaps from 2009 isn’t going to make you feel better, in fact it’s only going to make you pine over her more, and it’s not worth getting more invested than you probably already are.

Pick yourself up, get back on GaydarGirls and invest in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. Then, when you’re half way through the tub chuck it in the bin, realised how sickly sweet it is and get yourslf on an ass kicking health kick. Nothing is better to cure blues than the rush of endorphins a gym session will bring. Plus afterwards you’ll be looking great and full of energy and twice as likely to meet a new person who is on the same page as you.

Steer clear of thinking about “what could have been”. And just think, that bed you have, that’s all there for you right now, so starfish position away yourself to sleep ladies, starfish like you have never starfished before!



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