Worst Valentines Days Ever?

For some, Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate a big half naked angel, flying around flinging arrows into people’s butts and making them fall madly in love with another… we don’t quite get it either. However for others, this year is merely a time of reflection and remembrance of the worst/most embarrassing Valentine’s Day events ever. We managed to get hold of some people telling us their worst or weirdest Valentine’s Day experiences.


I had only started seeing this girl for a month or so before Valentine’s Day came around.   We decided to exchange some gifts, small things and little trinkets. The weird thing was, when I opened all my gifts from her, they were all bird themed, a plastic seagull, owl pyjamas, angry bird slippers and even tissues with birds on. I couldn’t help but look just a little confused and when I turned to her for an explanation she just said “I don’t know why but I just really got the impression you liked birds.”

We laughed about it afterwards but at the time, it was really odd. It also didn’t help that afterwards when I told my friends, it then became a running joke that I was some sort of bird lady, despite not ever showing a love of birds more than the average person.


My ex had no sense of body temperature, she was never cold, ever. And I mean ever!  She was always that annoying person in shorts in the middle of winter. Our first Valentine’s Day together she thought it would be a great idea to go on a picnic. A picnic, in England, in February! I don’t even think I need to tell everyone what’s wrong with that. Needless to say Valentine’s Day involved ten minutes of teeth chattering and wrapping the picnic blanket around me before I decided it was time we left. She didn’t even bring soup, it was cold sandwiches, how could they have helped in any way?


Me and my date decided to watch “The Room.” For those of you who don’t know, it’s heralded as being possibly the worst film ever made and they aren’t wrong. The problem is, it was hardly romantic, though it did send us into fits of giggles several times which was quite cute. The worst of it is, after you get over the laughs, you find yourself plagued by the lead actor’s terrible lines in your head and whatever glimmer of romance that may have been in store for the evening pretty much leaves through the front door after that. Also you spend a lot of time just wondering how such a bad film was made. That becomes an obsession in itself which is just a huge turn off. 


I had a date who wasn’t really into the whole Valentine’s Day vibes, but totally into going green so instead of having a romantic home made dinner or drinks at a nice bar, I was treated to a two hour lecture on all the cons of Valentine’s Day, like how much carbon dioxide is emitted into the air due to the sheer volume of roses around, or how it’s nationally the biggest day for suicides and even stone cold facts like how the world wastes over 3oo million dollars on importing fresh roses when they could be spending it on more important things like ending world hunger. Needless to say, it was the least romantic day of that year, though I did learn a lot that day.

Do you have any embarrassing or weird Valentine’s Day stories? Leave them in the comment section below!



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