How can I tell if she’s into me?

So you really like a girl but figuring out if she likes you back is proving to be a challenge. Here’s our attempt at helping you with that dilemma…

1. Dissect the flirtation
Does she flirt with you? If so how does she flirt with you? Does she flirt with everyone or just you? Is it personal to you or could it be comments that could be aimed at any gay woman?

2. Physicality
Is there a lot of touching going on? Does she often sit next to you or opposite you so she can look at you? When you both joke around does she use any excuse to be physical? Has there ever been an ‘oh you’re so funny’ accompanied by a hand touch or an ‘accidental’ grazing of the hip? If there’s a lot of body contact, she’s probably into you.

3. Closeness
Does she make excuses to hang out with you, or plan things she knows you will be interested in? If she plans something and she’s the only one who turns up with the excuse ‘oh sorry, all four other people have the flu’ she obviously wanted some quality one on one time with you, which probably means she’s crushing on you.

4. She’s on Team You
Does she always side with you or defend you in group conversations? If she makes a special effort to impress you or defend you from any mean comments, even playful ones? Or does she make playful comments to you herself, either responses can be telling signs, depending on how good your sense of humour is.

5. Eye Contact
She holds eye contact with you longer than you would expect, or you catch her looking at you every time she thinks you aren’t watching.

6. Attention
She generally pays you more attention than she does most other people whether that’s through gaze, conversation, Whatsapp or through innocent recommendations of music, movies, TV etc.



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