5 Things That Would Be Massively Improved By Lesbians

1. Reality TV. Let’s face it, we are so bored of seeing the same douchebag guys flex their muscles for girls we can’t tell the difference from. Imagine how much more interesting reality TV would actually be if there were more people batting for our team. Also, how nice it would be that all the girls aren’t hating on each other for a guy’s attention who’s not even worth it.

2. Every good film/TV show ever. Seriously, how amazing would it be if every movie or show you have ever liked is inclusive of the LGBT community and didn’t just have one token lesbian character who gets pushed to the side or killed. Yep, Hollywood loves killing its lesbian characters, if you need a reminder read this.

3. Models. Androgyny is now a big thing in the world of fashion, but the majority of limelight models are just styled to look androgynous as opposed to being genuinely. Wouldn’t it be great to see people on the catwalk who actually live and breathe androgyny instead of people who are just feign it with styling.

4. Advertising! Imagine a world without ads that pander to the male gaze and hetronormative representations of family setups. Imagine a world without the idea that the only way you can be beautiful, is if you are blonde, skinny and straight.

5. Writing. In and outside Hollywood, it’s obvious that screenwriting would universally benefit from an injection of more female perspective. There is a blatant lack of balance, a fact recently bought to the fore via the introduction of the Bechdell test. Let’s assume that more LGBTQ women behind the camera and behind teh scenes would result in less cliched lesbian love stories and better representation of well-rounded female characters in TV and film.



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