Things To Consider When You’re Her First Lesbian Experience

So you find yourself in a position, or perhaps several with a girl who has never delved into the world of lesbian? There are a few things to think about before doing so…

1.Don’t be patronizing.

Sure, you are probably going to be the one that’s in control of the situation but don’t use it as an opportunity to be patronizing towards her, just be a good guide 🙂

2.Take things slow

If it’s her first time and she’s only new to the world of girl love, she might be a little scared or apprehensive about the situation, so just take things slowly.

3.Decide where she stands before actually being with her.

If you really like her, like, reeeally… like her and she is just looking to experiment, it’s going to end with you possibly in tears, so make sure neither of you are on completely different pages.

4.Have fun!

Don’t worry too much about it all and take it way too seriously. She’s probably going to be a little insecure or nervous but if you are confident about the situation yourself, it’s easy to work through that. Sex is better when it’s not as rehearsed as it is in the movies, treat it like anyone’s first time. Be gentle, considerate and just enjoy it.



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