Top Ten lesbian clichés

We could probably write a book on these but we’re refining the GaydraGirls app so we don’t have time. Instead we’ve picked our top ten.

We are all bra burning feminists who hate men

angry woman gif


We love cats more than every other human that isn’t part of our lesbian inner circle

cat lady gif

We ONLY wear flannel shirts.

beyonce flannel

We all look like Ruby Rose…. sometimes we wish we did but sadly, genes aren’t always so generous, or similar

ruby gif

In a relationship we just end up morphing into each other.

skins k and e gif

We move in with each other really quickly. You think that’s the first time we have heard that ‘second date U-Haul van’ joke, really?

really bitch

One of us has to wear the trousers in the relationship. Oh haha yeah so funny like we haven’t heard that one before either lol, NO, stop.

jude law sarcasm

We absolutely must be vegetarian, and score bonus points for being vegan

vegan gif

Our fave hobby is hunting straight girls and turning them….. we just wait, until, BOOM, gotcha

chloe pp wink

Lesbians automatically always hate ALL bisexuals and we don’t trust them. Again, really?

hell naaa



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