Reasons Not To Keep A Diary

    What was to become a life-long obsession with diary-writing began like this …
    Thursday 9th October 1986
    “Not in an unpleasant way.”

    I felt compelled to jot down the above snippet of homophobia made by one of my teachers when I was seventeen.

    I made the note in my school homework diary, using Greek letters (I had studied Greek at ‘O’ level). The teacher had made a remark about another teacher which was ambiguous and could have meant that the second teacher was gay…


    Bec & Sebastian – The Voice Australia

    Bec and Sebastian came to our attention with their acoustic rendition of Jessie J’s hit song ‘Price Tag’.

    Apart from being ridiculously talented, they’re also super cool – so cool that Ricky Martin picked them to be in his group on The Voice Australia.