Rules for dating a bisexual girl

There’s a stigma in the lez world about bisexuals, which is a shame because love is love, whatever your preference. We also think the media give them a bad rep, they are nearly always used to pander to men’s fantasies which must be a drag for girls who really do dig other girls (and men.) If you do like to leave the bisexual judgements at the door we have some rules for dating them, take em or leave em!

1.If you really do have a problem with bisexual girls, DON’T date one!

This seems obvious but some girls will try to date a bisexual girl despite holding a grudge against them. Here’s the thing, if you hold a grudge, you will find a way to dislike the bisexual aspects of a girl. If every time they look at a guy in passing or watch a straight sex scene on TV and you freak out and think they are going to cheat, it’s probably never going to work and will end up upsetting both of you so probably best to avoid it full stop.

2. Leave the past in the past

Even if you have had a bad experience with a bisexual girl in the past don’t assume all bisexual girls are the same as the heartbreaker you knew. Some bisexual girls even prefer girls over guys, and if a relationship is serious, she won’t be looking at anyone else but you so don’t assume that she’s going to go after the peen when she has a perfectly wonderful human being infront of her. Give both yourself and her more credit than that.

3. Don’t ask her what she prefers in bed or in any other aspects of life

It’s different, not better different, not worse different it’s just different. Accept this fact and move on, obsessing over it might cause a big divide in the relationship.

4.  Don’t assume it’s a phase

Remember how hurtful it was when your parents and family told you being gay was just a phase or that you were just experimenting? Yeah it hurts just as much for bisexuals, like who you like, you can’t help it.

5. Don’t make it into a battle of the sexualities

If we went into an argument over who has it worse in life, gay girls or bi girls we would be there all day so let’s avoid the fights and not make it a constant competition. We get enough shit from the straight world, let’s try and keep the LGBT community a safe space.

6. Avoid the obvious questions/ignorant statements.

Don’t say things like “Do you do it for attention though”?, “Do you think eventually you will just pick a side?” and “Why do you nearly always end up with men?”



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  1. Lainie

    Just accept people for who they are not their sexual preference I think ?

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